10 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow

10 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow

As parents, we play an essential part in our children's growth, especially in their formative years. But, how important is our role? Studies show that ¹our position as parents affects our children's cognitive, social, behavioral and emotional competence, which they will carry until adulthood. This means our attitudes towards everything can impact how our children view the world, themselves, and even their bodies. 

With so much pressure being placed on bodies and looking a certain way, having influencers who promote body positivity through example is a breath of fresh air. Their cheerful and new outlook on bodies is good for our minds as parents and ultimately excellent for our children.

1. Michelle Elman

Michelle Elman

Michelle Elman ( @michellelelman) is a body-positive coach, author and TED speaker who advocates for body positivity. She regularly posts things about bodies to inspire people around her.

In an interview with Very Well Mind, she says, "The fear of fat not only drives body image issues but a disordered relationship with eating can lead to broader psychological consequences. I aim to help people realize that their body is good enough now, and they must start living their life right now."Shira Rose

2. Shira Rose

Shira Rose

Shira Rose ( @theshirarose) is a licensed eating disorder therapist who went through eating disorders. She uses her platform to help people win against the same issues she faced. She wants to break society's stigma around fat so plus-sized people get the proper respect they deserve from the community.

3. Beatrice Vio
Beatrice Vio

Beatrice (@bebevio) is an Italian wheelchair fencer,2020 Paralympic Fencing Champion and model. She contracted meningitis as a child, leading to her limbs being amputated. Despite the challenges, she pushed through and became a world fencing champion showing everybody you can accomplish anything you put your mind to despite physical limitations. 

4. Louise Green

Louise Green

    Louise Green (@louisegreen_bigfitgirl) is a size-inclusive fitness expert. As a fitness expert, she focuses on other people being stronger rather than skinnier. Lousie is also the author of the book: Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have. The text advises setting up activities and selecting comfortable workout clothes for plus-sized bodies. 

    5. Zach Miko

    Zach Miko

      Zach (@zachmiko) is an actor, model, author and the first brawn (plus sized) model for IMG models. Zach has worked with brands like Uniqlo, Levis, Nordstrom and other brands that cater to big and tall people. He is also very interested in promoting body positivity and regularly posts on his Instagram account. For him, body positivity means loving your body, whatever its state right now. 

      6. Kelvin Davies


      Kelvin Davis


        Kelvin (@kelvindavies) is a plus sized model, a dad of two daughters and the author of the book Notoriously Dapper, a book about how to be a gentleman. Kelvin has modeled for brands like GAP, Kohls and other brands. His posts are full of self love, family love, and body positivity. He wants to inspire men to be more open about their struggles about weight, mental struggles, and other challenges they are experiencing. He also runs a blog that has the same name as his book.

        7. Keah Brown
          Keah Brown

          Keah (@keahmaria) is an author, writer, and disability rights activist. She is the author of the book "The Pretty One; On Life, Pop Culture, Disability and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me." In this book, she writes essays about her cerebral palsy and the challenges that come with it. She's also the founder of the hashtag #DisabledAndCute which went viral in 2017.

          8. Em Ford

          My Pale Skin Blog| Em Ford

            Em (@mypaleskinblog) is a makeup influencer who posted makeup tutorials on social media and make-up-free photos. She teaches people to be comfortable with their skin with or without makeup. She also made a short film, "You Look Disgusting", which takes a hard look at how society looks at people with skin problems. She posts things about skin positivity on Instagram.

            9. Brittany Woodward

            Brittany Woodward

              Brittany (@bodypositive_mom) is a body-positive nutritionist and a mom of two. She's also anti-diet and regularly posts about diet culture lies, fatphobia and disordered eating. Brittany publishes regular content on body affirmations, infographics, and tips to find body confidence and food freedom. She also regularly posts content about postpartum health. 

              10. Megan Jayne Crabbe

              Megan Jayne Crabb

                Megan Jayne ( @meganjaynecrabbe) overcame anorexia to become a body positivity champion and uses her platform to voice her opinion about society's obsession with dieting. She also encourages people to love who they are, no matter their shape or size.

                Body Positivity is Great for our Children

                Our children pick up on everything we do and feel. If you want your children to have a positive body image they'll take with them when they grow up, it all starts with you. How you look at yourself and treat food will trickle down to your children, so be conscious of how you treat your body. If you need inspiration, you can start with these ten body-positive influencers. 

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