How to Care for Formal Girls Dresses

How to Care for Formal Girls Dresses

You spent hours shopping and finally found the perfect formal dress for your little girl for that extra special day. Whether it's a Holy Communion, Easter Sunday, Flower Girl, or a funtastic party dress, the excitement of waiting for your formal dress to reach your hands builds with every passing day. It swiftly arrives in the mail, and now it's time to give some love to your beautiful new arrival, and like Marie Kondo, feel the “spark joy” it brings to you and your little girl! This entails taking great care of the new ensemble to the best of your abilities.

Special occasion dresses come along, well, on special occasions, and because of this, it's not always easy to remember the proper care for decorative ribbons and tulle fabric. That's why we've put together this quick reference guide, How to Care for Formal Girls Dresses, so you can take care of your favorite new formal dress properly. We want to help you keep your new dress charming and beautiful for as long as it's a part of your little girl's life and so that it gets passed down in the best of conditions. Here are the four simple steps to remember when caring for a little girl's new formal dress.


How to Care for Formal Girls Dresses | KidsDreamUS

1. Steam it

As soon as your dress arrives by mail, remove it from its packaging and revive it with a clothing steamer. This is especially important if the dress fabric contains tulle. Fluff out the dress and remove any wrinkles with a standard clothing steamer.

2. Hang it

When not being worn, make sure to always hang the dress up. Use padded hangers and avoid using wire hangers or any other hanger that may snag the dress.


3. Dry Clean it

NEVER machine wash your formal dress unless the tag says you can. Dry cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning a formal dress after it has been worn. Look for a reputable, Eco-friendly dry cleaner to keep your little one safe from toxic chemicals. 

4. Store it

When it's time to put your formal dress away, use a plastic-free garment bag to store it. Plastic locks in humidity that can stain the dress. Store the dress in a dark & dry location, this way the color won't fade and the fabric won't get moisture stains.

We’d love to hear your favorite tips for taking special care of formal clothing! Comment below to share your own tips.


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