10 Impactful Ways Busy Moms Can Incorporate Self Care

10 Impactful Ways Busy Moms Can Incorporate Self Care

Give me your tired, your rushed, your huddled, stressed, guilt-ridden and overworked mothers. If it is good enough for Lady Liberty, then it is good enough for the busy mom. But even lady liberty, or the people she represents, could use a much-needed spa and some glorious self-care time. So, for our busy amazing moms, let’s remember these powerful ways we can show ourselves some love and TLC to stay at the top of our game and be fabulous mentors for our adorable little ones. That way when our daughters become moms we can spill our superhero secrets to them for ultimate self-care.
Now PLEASE, let’s adopt some self-care time ladies!
Here are 10 simple but impactful ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in between doing EVERYTHING on the never-ending mother’s to-do list.
  1. Secret morning meditation. The minute you wake up and step out of bed chaos most likely begins. Your day is a runaway train and until you fall back asleep, it starts all over again leaving you feeling exhausted and anxious (probably even just reading this). There is no changing this, however, there is a little self-care tip that will make a big impact on your day of excitement. Find your favorite 5 to 10 minute morning meditation and queue up your phone or tablet. The extra 5 or 10 minutes of sleep you lose will have nothing on how calm, powerful, supported, and prepared you will feel throughout your day. This will be a game changer moms! Here are some favorites to get you started.

  1. Shower time therapy. Let’s face it, ladies, showers have to be quick in the mornings, which can take the joy out of this time to show your hair and skin some love. Here are some tips to add some self-care to a usually rushed shower time and show your body some love. Choose a skin or hair care product that you will use every shower. Make sure it is infused with essential oils and aromatherapy that are great for morning showers like clove bud oil, black pepper oil, or eucalyptus oil. While you are washing with this product be in the moment and pay attention to the sound and feel of the water and the aroma the soap gives off. Close your eyes if you can for at least a half a minute, and continue your shower. When it is time to buy more aromatherapy wash test out different oil infusions, pay attention to the various effects the oils bring about. Every shower can bring a little therapy to your busy day, and trust me those few seconds will be impactful.

  1. Coffee-me date time. Pencil in a time once a week or month, at the very least to have a date with yourself at your favorite coffee or tea house. Treat yourself to your favorite cup of joe or tea, and be in the moment of being served. The feeling of someone asking you how YOU want your beverage can feel amazing when you bring gratitude and awareness to the moment. As small as that sounds, when you are on the move to please everyone in your life, taking the time to go to your favorite coffee shop where the staff is friendly and accommodating can feel like a treat to yourself.

  1. Gift Yourself. Take the time to give a gift to yourself. RuPaul said it best, “If you don't love yourself, how in the heck are you gonna love somebody else?” Busy moms! Here’s some homework; pick a day once a month where you will be late to the sitters, or a little late to dinner and go to your favorite store and buy yourself a gift. Try to stay away from those electronics you’ve been eyeballing, and mosey on over to the aromatherapy section for some soothing essential oils, or your favorite skin care product, or consider some shoes you’d like to slip on for comfort on your off days, or if you’re pressed for time buy yourself some new music or comedy series that you can listen to when you’re commuting alone. Whatever it is, small or big, gift yourself a date and add that to your calendar for your self-care time. Bonus time! It may seem silly but have the store clerk gift wrap it and open it in the car before you see the family. You will feel fabulous and so so full of self-love, ready to spill that love over.

  1. Secret Workouts. You have your workout schedule which is therapy in itself. How about scheduling a fun yoga class at the beach, or that Samba class that always looks like a blast to replace one of the routine workout days?! Be spontaneous with yourself and enjoy your workout with something you’ve been wanting to try out. Just you and you.
  1. Acupuncture for Stress Relief. Another date? Heck yes, Mom! It is time to take an hour out of your life for some stress and anxiety relief. Awesome, go ahead and ask the sitter to watch the kids an extra hour and make an appointment with your local acupuncturist. I promise you, you will be hooked What a way to show yourself some love.
  1. Babysit Swap. How about you ask your sister/brother, your kids' godparents to have a quarterly babysit swap to enjoy your adult date night with your spouse? You have a slumber party one night and be the sitters and the next time you and your love get to have a romantic night of your own. What an even trade.
  1. Workout Date with the Kids. How therapeutic is going for a run just you and your little ones? Time crunch? Wake up an hour early before soccer practice on Saturday and have a surprise yoga workout together. You will be teaching your kids great workout habits, along with increasing the family fitness level. This is a win-win and not to mention, helps soothe any guilt of not spending enough time with your little ones, that’s therapy in itself.
  1. Make Your Own Mantra. Have a short or long-term goal you want to accomplish? Excellent, write a mantra about it and take the time to read it aloud when you wake up after your early morning 5-minute meditation and right before you turn off the lights to get some zzz’s. Really imagine you have accomplished your goal as you read your mantra aloud. The energy of knowing you will accomplish this goal and imagining your life with this goal accomplished will thrill you when one day your goal is accomplished. This really works and it’s amazing. Once that goal is completed, on to the next mantra. Self-care at its finest!
  1. Singing in the Car-therapy. Have you ever been alone in the car, roll up the windows and blast your favorite songs? Now try singing aloud. Who cares if you look silly, newsflash we ALL do this. But knowing that studies show a happier, freer, bigger sense of belonging feelings that come along with singing in the car, makes the act of doing it that much greater. Now get to singing and when you get to your destination, see how you feel. I can guarantee it will not be stressed out, science says so!
Being a mom can be a selfless, thankless job at times and also the most rewarding one. You will feel so proud, stressed out, panicked, and exhausted all in the same day, often within the same hour, so finding ways to love yourself will be your ultimate savior. Remember, loving YOURSELF first brings about greater love for all. So get those calendars and block out your self-care time stat.
We’d love to hear how you show yourself some love and what your top mom self-care tips are.
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