5 Gratitude Inspired Activities To Do With Your Kids This Thanksgiving!

5 Gratitude Inspired Activities To Do With Your Kids This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving arrives right in the middle of the holiday season, bringing us even more opportunity to celebrate time with our wonderful families, enjoy wholesome fall meals together and teach our little ones the importance of gratitude in their lives! As parents that always seek opportunities for family fun (and, educational at that!), we couldn't think of a better time to take advantage of the holiday theme to teach our little ones valuable lessons! Check out some of our favorite gratitude inspired activities you can do with your family this Thanksgiving season! 

1. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt from Let's Get Together

Have a fun time with your family on a scavenger hunt this Thanksgiving; and reveal to your kids that so many of the seemingly small things around them are, in fact, BIG blessings!


2. Create a Family Thankful Sign to hang in your house this Thanksgiving season. 

Encourage your kiddos to write down one thing they are thankful for, to display in your house, daily! Head to Sunny Day Family's  blog to read about their inspiration for the thankful sign activity! 


3. Craft with your kid's and create this Thankful Turkey Box; another (slightly more private AND creative) way to encourage kids to get crafty AND practice acknowledging all the things they are thankful for! Head over to I Heart Crafty Things' blog for the full craft tutorial. 


4. Try this Printable Thankful Turkey Coloring Page from Mama Miss for a solo activity that will keep your kids busy as you prep the Thanksgiving meal! Head to Mama Miss' blog for the free printable file!


5. Practice these Thanksgiving Inspired Yoga Poses  from Kid's Yoga Stories with your kids for a fun AND active gratitude-inspired activity that can involve the whole family before a big meal (If you're lucky: maybe even wear the kiddos out!) Take the opportunity to remind your kid's that their own bodies are something to be very grateful for! 

BONUS activity: Play dress up! Your daughter will be full of gratitude this Thanksgiving, all dressed up for the special occasion in a Kid's Dream dress! 


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