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5 Holiday Recipes to Make With Your Kids this Christmas!

5 Holiday Recipes to Make With Your Kids this Christmas!

The holiday season is filled with yummy treats -- even better when the treat-making can be a fun-filled activity to do with your kids, too! We've round up 5 of our favorite holiday inspired recipes that are SO easy to make, you can recruit the kids to have fun with you in the kitchen!

1. Festive Christmas Tree Pretzel Rods from The Spruce

These treats are simple with only TWO main ingredients. And the kiddos can get creative with candy and dried fruit for toppings! 


2. Snowman Smores from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Your kids will love these because they are yummy AND adorable! Your shopping list will love them cause they're simple AND affordable!

3. Classic Gingerbread House from Cooking With My Kid

If you have more time on your hands (or more time you'd like to take up keeping your kids occupied!) why not go for the classic gingerbread house? Gather up all the extra candies and treats you have laying around the pantry and let your kids get creative with their custom house decor.

4. Mini Christmas Tree Pizzas from Good to Know

Sick of all the sugar? Go savory with these fun to make mini pizzas the kids will LOVE!

5. Christmas Tree "Salad" from 

Want some EVEN healthier options that still get the kids excited (and their creative juices flowing!)? Try using some fruits and veggies and build a festive Christmas tree! Perhaps playing with their food is the way to make them love those fruits and veggies!


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