Flower Girl Dress Guide: Do Flower Girl Dresses Have to Match the Bride?

Flower Girl Dress Guide: Do Flower Girl Dresses Have to Match the Bride?

The short answer is no. Flower girl dresses don’t have to match the bride. Nor do they necessarily have to match the bridesmaids either. Most brides like to have a happy medium where the flower girls have a complementary, yet distinct, look of their own. Especially as wedding dresses become more revealing, it is ideal to let the flower girl maintain her sweet and innocent look while complementing the rest of the wedding party.


6 of the Classiest Spring & Summer Wedding Trends for Flower Girl Looks that Complement any Bridal Gown

1. That Lace is so Lovely!

lace flower girl dresses | kid's dream
Whether it’s in boho style or an elegant design, crochet lace is the soft, beautiful look for brides and flower girls alike. Brides who love this look can have flower girl dresses with the same lace theme. Lace uplifts dresses into gowns with a special feel. There are floral patterns and beaded crochet, some of which can be found in the unique embroidery patterns.
lace wedding dress trends | kid's dreamlace flower girl dresses for babies | kid's dream

2. Flower girls are feelin’ good in Tulle

tulle flower girl dresses | kid's dream
Tiered tulle skirts just make a girl feel great! The bubbly look is for the very joyful at heart. You can’t flip through a fashion magazine today without quickly spotting a layered tulle skirt, and there’s good reason-- they’re adorable. Flower girls are rockin’ this lovely look now with ruffles that elegantly give a dress the perfect volume. And so are brides! Which makes Tulle skirts an excellent theme for wedding party dresses.
tulle wedding dress trend | kid's dream
tulle flower girl dresses | kid's dream

tulle flower girl dresses | kid's dream

3. Sashes & Bows for our babes

flower girl dresses with sash and bow | kid's dream
Whether they’re beaded and pearled belts, or silk fabric sashes and bows, waist accents add a tailored look to wedding and flower girl dresses. They help take in the waist and give a clean, streamlined look to a wedding day ensemble. Even if the bride doesn’t have a belt or sash, it’s common to see flower girl dresses have a very girly sash with a bow in the back. Belts and sashes can be adapted as a look for the entire wedding party or saved for the sweet flower girl, your pick.
belts and sashes for wedding dressses trend | kid's dream
With customizable sashes and bows it’s easy to get a tailored look for any wedding color theme. Flower girl dresses now come in adorable styles with white or ivory dresses and a sash with a bow that seamlessly matches the bridal party colors, adding a convenient and affordable luxury level of customization.
flower girl dresses with sash and bow | kid's dreamflower girl dresses with sash and bow | Kid's Dream

4. That Bateau neckline though!

bateau neckline flower girl dresses | kid's dream



Call it the “Meghan Markle Effect,” but after last year’s Royal Wedding, the Duchess of Sussex’s minimalist wedding dress featuring a Bateau neckline is on a serious trend. Even on not so simple dresses, the elegant neckline comes with class and sophistication. NY fashion designer Sareh Nouri has featured a similar simple gown and trending Bateau neckline for her Spring 2020 line. We see this trend occur mostly with bridal gowns, but you can also find variations of it for flower girl dresses which can complement the fashion-forward look.
bateau neckline wedding dresses and gown trend | kid's dream

5. Capped sleeve sweetness

capped sleeve flower girl dress | kid's dream
Capped sleeves cover the shoulder and give an elegant look to any dress. Modest and sweet, the capped sleeve makes flower girl dresses adorable and classic. This could be a theme for the entire wedding party, or you can save the more modest look for the flower girls to rock. Either way capped sleeves add a classy dimension to flower girl dress and wedding dresses alike.
capped sleeve wedding dress | kid's dream
capped sleeve flower girl dress for babies | kid's dream

6. Everyone loves the Flower Girl

heart shape back flower girl dress | kid's dream
The final trend is all about our lovely flower girls. A wedding celebration of love is extra special when our flower girls wear a heart-shaped back design dress. You will see this trend in many more weddings because the heart-shaped back adds an extra adorable, extra special touch of love to any spring or summer wedding. It can easily complement a bride’s dress since it is intentionally different, but also intentionally designed for celebrating love.
heart shaped back dress | kid's dream

Here's a recap and size chart for these 6 wedding dress & flower girl trends that complement each other.



flower girl dress trends and size chart infographic  | kid's dream




Flower Girl Dress Guide FAQs

  • What color should the flower girl dress be? 

    Flower girl dress color can vary depending on the bridal party color. Ivory color is the most popular flower girl dress color.

  • Does the flower girl dress have to match the bride?

    Flower girls generally match the bride or the bridesmaids. Most popular option is a white or ivory dress to match the bride and an embellishment or sash that matches the bridesmaids.

  • Who should pay for the flower girl dress?

    Usually, flower girl's parents pay for their clothes but some brides buy flower girl dresses as gifts. 

  • How much is a flower girl dress?

    Flower girl dress price can range from $35 to $300 luxury dresses. Kid's Dream flower girl dress average around $60.

  • How old is a flower girl?

    Flower girls are generally between four and eight years old.

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