Flower Girl Trends for 2022

Flower Girl Trends for 2022

2022 is here, and as spring approaches, so, too, does wedding season! The new year doesn't only bring a new slew of wedding dates and ceremonies to be had, but it also comes with brand new trends. When it comes to 2022 wedding fashion, flower girl outfits are going to be particularly cute. Here are the biggest flower girl trends to expect in 2022, and why they're going to be popular during the next happy season of weddings and receptions in the year to come.

Talk about meta: this year, flower girls will be wearing floral print dresses to the weddings they're in. In 2022, some people are choosing to eschew neutrals and solids for bright, fanciful patterns that incorporate the flowers that flower girls will be carrying. This is a fun trend because you can find a dress in a print that has the actual flowers you are using at your wedding—tying the whole wedding theme together in a perfect bow.

The White Lace Dress

Some people think that only the bride should wear white to the wedding. But in 2022, many flower girls will be wearing white lace dresses. These brides-to-be can have practice walking down the aisle in a light and classic look, and the white lace flower girl dress also makes for adorable pictures with the bride and the flower girls.


The Pink Jacquard Dress

Pink is a perfectly delicate and feminine color to compliment the white of a wedding dress. That's one of the reasons why the pink jacquard flower girl dress is on-trend this year. Your little girl will be excited that she's getting to wear some color when everyone else is in black, white, and neutral—and the thicker jacquard fabric ensures she'll be warm and comfortable no matter what season the event is in.

The Tulle Skirt Dress

The tulle skirt dress for flower girls can come in any color (even white!), and this year, more flower girls than ever will be wearing the puffy, girly look. Your daughter will feel like a fairy as her skirt falls airily around her. Also, the tulle of the skirt adds a particularly magical, whimsical feel to the look.


The Sequin Dress

The Flower Girl should be flashy. She's meant to turn heads and draw eyes in anticipation of the bride. For that reason, it makes sense that the sequin flower girl's dress is in. Some flower girl dresses are coming covered in multi-color sequins—a real can't-miss look! Other sequin flower girl dresses use sequins for intricate detailing. No matter how sequins are used on the flower girl dress, it's sure to be shiny and loved by your little one.

Find On-Trend Flower Girl Dresses at Kid's Dream

2022 is going to be a fun year for dressing your flower girl. If you have a flower girl that's going to be in a wedding in the upcoming year, consider getting her a dress from Kid's Dream. We have dresses in all of the above most popular trends for the year, as well as a huge selection of dresses, if you're looking for something more classic—or fitting for the particular wedding she will be in. Once you get your little girl a flower girl dress from Kid's Dream, she'll be ready to walk down the aisle and style—and win hearts over while she does it.

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