How to Become a Brand Ambassador | Simple Steps to Build Your Career

How to Become a Brand Ambassador | Simple Steps to Build Your Career

Brands are looking for kid ambassadors to promote their products. How do you help your kids achieve their dreams of becoming a child brand ambassador? Learn here.

How to Become a Child Brand Ambassador: Building a Career in 10 Steps


Being a child ambassador is a lucrative way to build a career around passion. Businesses have moved online, and brands constantly look for ambassadors to help them create awareness and sell their products.

According to statistics, up to 79% of brands used Instagram as their dominant influencer marketing tool in 2021.1 Also, a study in 2019 established that up to 49.3% of respondents interacted with the marketing ideas positively and purchased the products the brand's influencers recommended.2

Success in the brand's sales is also a win for the brand ambassadors. Similarly, the law doesn't limit children from advertising products. But, it's necessary that the brand seeks your consent as a parent, ensure the advert doesn't harm a child in any way, and includes no bullying tactics.3

So, if your kid dreams of building a career out of this field, it's only wise to give them the necessary support and help them shoot the highest. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a child brand ambassador.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?


Brand ambassadors are professionals who increase awareness of a given product and influence a community to purchase their recommended product or service. They can work online or in person. Online brand ambassadors' roles include:

  • Increasing brand awareness

  • Content creation

  • Feedback management

What Are Businesses Looking for in a Child Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are people with a great passion for the products they sell. Businesses are looking for individuals with:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of how digital marketing works

  • Professionalism

  • Confidence in communication

  • Passion for their line of products

  • Established online following

Some of the requirements (like in-depth digital marketing abilities) may be out of reach for your aspiring kid brand ambassador. In this case, you may want to hire someone to help them manage their online presence or take up the role of a parent.

Do Child Brand Ambassadors Get Paid?

Brands often pay their ambassadors to sell their products. According to Glassdoor, brand ambassadors make over $52,000 yearly.4

However, some brands don't pay in hard cash. Instead, they offer free stuff as compensation. Similarly, you may have to consider promoting brands for free while starting. This approach may sound daunting, but it rewards your kid brand ambassador with exposure and the potential to win better deals from the leading brands in their field of interest.

How to Become a Child Brand Ambassador

Initially, celebrities were the most dominant professionals in this space. But, things have changed, and anyone can be a brand ambassador today, as long as they follow the right channel. Here are the steps to building a career as a child brand ambassador.

1. Define Your Brand

Your brand is who your followers, the public, and brands know you for. It entails your niche, personality, and how you show up to the public and potential businesses. 

You'll need to help your kid pick a niche to define your brand. It can be anything from fashion to travel, cooking, furniture, etc. Whatever it is, ensure it's something your aspiring kid brand ambassador will be excited to talk about for several years.

2. Pick Your Favorite Platform and Engage Your Audience


You can pick one or two social media platforms and build a following. Facebook and Instagram, for instance, offer excellent opportunities in this case.

Whatever your choice, learn about the platform, the opportunities you can explore, and how best to digitally market your kid brand ambassador. Knowing the regulations around using the platform will secure your long-term efforts.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Bio to Reflect Your Niche

Optimize your bio to reflect your kid's niche and passion. If possible, consider opening a business profile since it has perks you may not enjoy with a personal option.

Still, you don't have to discard your personal account, especially if you've spent time building it. Instead, optimize it and delete any content and information that doesn't reflect the new brand you're selling to the world.

4. Post Content Consistently to Build a Following


This part constitutes the juiciest and sweaty part of being a baby brand ambassador. Content is the magnet that will attract followers to your child's page and the glue that retains them. Consistent and relevant content means consistent growth.

You may want to take advantage of the available content scheduling tools (like Publer) to help you keep up with the schedule. Also, hiring a manager for your child brand ambassador will take the responsibility off your sleeves.

Also, consider shooting several videos or photos during weekends and writing posts in advance, so you don't interfere with your child's school days or other commitments. Creating a content calendar will make planning and posting your feed much more effortless. 

5. Network With Similar Niche Brands

Collaborating with brands dealing in a similar niche will help you build credibility, learn the different ways the businesses post, and increase your following. Reach out to big brands dealing in your niche and sieve through to connect with those that compliment your vibe.

Getting them to post about your upcoming baby brand ambassador is a big bonus for your growth. But watch out not to spam.

6. Keep Learning And Implementing Top Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital marketing is the engine that drives your kid's dream of becoming a brand ambassador. Fortunately, there are several learning opportunities online (both paid and free).

YouTube videos and Google are some free sources you may want to consider. Online platforms like Coursera and Skillshare are also excellent learning avenues.

7. Discover the Brands You Want to Represent

List all the prospective brands you're interested in their fashion and way of business. 

There are always brands offering opportunities to kids who wish to be ambassadors. You can check them online, on different job boards, or search on Google. This article on the Lady Boss Blogger is a good example.5

From the list, sieve through to get at least three or four that complement your child's interests and passion.

8. Contact Suitable Businesses and Kick off The Deal

Reach out to the brands at the top of your list and propose your services. Demonstrate your child's skills and show them why the kid is the best person to entrust their marketing.

If you sign the deal, start creating content for your brand. Watch the outcomes and plan your next move.

9. Analyze Your Marketing to Know What Works, Then Adjust


Your first few posts will help you determine how good or bad you're in this business. Analyze the outcome and adjust. Know what strategies work for your audience and which ones don't.

Most business accounts offer insights, reactions, and responses, plus other statistics which can help you measure the performance of your content. Take advantage of these to build your strategies and sharpen your skills further.

10. Keep Building Your Following and Marketing Skills, and Shoot for the Big Fish

Learning, posting, promoting, and connecting with your child's audience is a continuous process. After landing the first low-paying brands, keep climbing the ladder to the most prominent players in the field.

The higher you rise, the higher the earnings, exposure, and demand. However, it all narrows down to your marketing outcomes. Be consistent and provide quality to help your child brand ambassador scale higher.

Become a Child Brand Ambassador: Final Thoughts

Being a child ambassador is a great way to create a career path for your kid in a field that fascinates them. You can assign account management to someone and only avail yourself or your child for photo and video shoots. Take action and let your child build their career in a profession they love.

Dress Your Kid Like the Child Brand Ambassador They Are

Many children are fascinated by fashion. You can help your child build a career around their passion by becoming a baby brand ambassador for high-end fashion stores. At Kid's Dream, we have fascinating clothing and accessories to help your child showcase their ability. Learn more about our Brand Ambassador Program.



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