Kid's Dream and Nola Papa presents "Nola Girl"

Kid's Dream and Nola Papa presents "Nola Girl"

In a world that is beautifully diverse, there is no single definition of what a family looks like. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and compositions, each with its unique story and journey. As we celebrate Pride, it is essential to acknowledge and embrace the beauty of all families, regardless of their structure, gender, or sexual orientation. This makes our latest collaboration with long-time friends Nola Papa extra special to us. 

Nola Papa

Nola Papa is an LGBTQ+ parenting blog and podcast hosted by New Orlean's own Erik Alexander. For over 5 years he's been sharing raw, real, and emotional writings about personal growth, and parenthood—challenging and redefining the "traditional" views of family. It's been amazing to witness his journey and the impact his work has had in the LGBTQ+ community. He has been featured by WGNO for his children's books The Adventures of Addie Underwater and The Secret Mermaid Revue and was recently interviewed by Price is Right announcer, George Gray.

Kid's Dream CEO Chewy Jang and sister Julie Jang with Erik Alexander of Nola Papa at their Book Release in New Orleans
CEO Chewy Jang & Sister Julie celebrating Erik's book release in New Orleans, LA

Together we created Nola Girl—Erik's passion project inspired by his daughters Allie Mae and Ella. They envisioned fun vibrant dresses with fun names that would be perfect for twirling into the summer while still being comfortable and durable to survive the wash.
The dress features customizable collars with matching pocket lining in three different designs—Classic White, Rainbow Pride Edition, and Picnic Gingham that matches with the color of the dress—allowing girls to express their own styles and individuality.

So whether your girls are going to school, going on a picnic, or celebrating at the Pride parades this summer there is a dress fit for every occasion. 

Pride is a time to honor the accomplishments, strength, and love of the LGBTQ+ community, including the remarkable gay families who have fought for acceptance and equality. By embracing love, defying stereotypes, overcoming challenges, building support networks, and inspiring future generations, these families continue to shape a world that values and celebrates diversity. As we celebrate Pride, let us recognize and cherish the love and strength of gay families, affirming their rightful place in the tapestry of human experience.

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