Kid's Dream at Asia Pacific Fashion Week

Kid's Dream at Asia Pacific Fashion Week

CHEWY JANG (Joo Yung Jang) is the CEO of Kid’s Dream, a special occasion children’s clothing brand that inspires young girls to feel beautiful and confident on their special day. Whether it be a birthday, communion, life milestones, or holiday occasions — Kid’s Dream is here to celebrate them!
Chewy – one of the designers to be showcased at Asia Pacific Fashion Week 2022, a global platform for emerging designers to be held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in August 2022 – takes pride in her active involvement in her business and locally in her city, LA.

Kid’s Dream is also proud of its fashionable and high-quality designs, which are all produced in the United States.

As a family-owned kids apparel brand designed and made in Los Angeles, Kid’s Dream is sold directly online, as well as through an extensive wholesale network that spans over 35 countries through 500 authorized retailers worldwide.

A quick pivot during the pandemic

Taking control of how Covid has suddenly impacted her business, Chewy quickly pivoted to make fabric face masks and started LA Face Masks.

Chewy is now also the CEO of LA Face Masks. As a local manufacturer located in Los Angeles, Chewy quickly produced face masks to save her business and also donated thousands of masks to hospitals and frontline workers.

A dream come true

Chewy grew up in Los Angeles since immigrating from South Korea at the age of 5. Her parents worked as sewing contractors in downtown Los Angeles because, back in South Korea, this was their trade, and the garment area in LA was booming at the time.

Because there was minimal competition from abroad, much of the clothing sold in the United States was created in Los Angeles.

Her parents began sewing dresses for a few “special occasion girl’s dress” companies in 1998 after starting their own sewing contractor business. Kid’s Dream was their biggest customer.

When the owner decided to sell the company in 2011, her parents leaped at the chance. Chewy, who graduated from Marlborough School and received her Bachelors in Finance and Management from Santa Clara University Leavy School of Business, became President of the company, with her parents assisting her with manufacturing.

Chewy had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so having the chance to run this firm and expand the Kid’s Dream brand was a dream come true. Chewy’s father died of cancer a few years ago, and Kid’s Dream is his legacy.

Kid’s Dream has expanded dramatically since 2012. Chewy is more determined than ever to keep Kid’s Dream running smoothly for the benefit of her family, employees, and clients.

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