Kid's Dream Spotlight: The Review Stew!

Kid's Dream Spotlight: The Review Stew!

We are thrilled to share a recent feature from our friends over at The Review Stew!

The Review Stew is a one-stop shop for consumers to be able to read reviews on products they are interested in purchasing -- blogger Marissa Oachs gives you the "good, the bad and the ugly" on products so that you can make the best purchase for your family! We recommend reading up on her reviews when you're looking to make new online purchases for you and your littles.

Marissa recently posted a rave review about our dresses that we couldn't be more excited to share! She says, "Do you have a girl in your house that loves to feel and look like a princess??? I certainly do and my daughter was one happy girl when she saw the beautiful dresses she got from Kid's Dream! Kid's Dream is a special occasion girl's dress line manufactured in LA and their girl's dresses are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!"


To check out the full feature, click here. Many thanks to Marissa and The Review Stew!

To view this style and more, browse our retail site now!

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