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Plus Size Girl Dresses that Actually Fit

Plus Size Girl Dresses that Actually Fit


As the Owner and President of Kid’s Dream, it has been incredibly important for me to offer plus size girl dresses that actually fit well and solve some of the issues that come along with retail shopping for plus size girl clothing. It wasn’t just because of the growing need we’ve witnessed for plus size dresses but also my own personal experience growing up that inspired me to help solve this problem for little girls. I know first hand the struggles of shopping for plus size girl dresses. My younger sister and I both experienced the shopping frustration of never really knowing what was going to fit or how a dress was going to look once we put it on.



Multi-Sequin Trio Color Tulle Dress - Plus Size Girl Dress

Common Frustrations with Shopping for Plus Size Girl Dresses

One of the most common frustrations is finding a dress that fits perfectly width-wise, only to discover that it’s way too long and requires cutting and hemming. Luckily, our mother was a professional sewer and this meant that she was able to correct the size discrepancies when we shopped for dresses. We were able to work it down to a science. Anytime I needed a dress for a special event, like middle school dance or piano concert, we would make sure that it fit my chest area, then my mom would cut the length of the dress for my sister and I. Sometimes, for my sister, my mom even had to fix the back of the dress and open the zipper to put a corset on, just so it would fit right.

Because of this experience, I’ve made it a mission to solve some of biggest issues that plus size girls face when shopping. For every problem, here are the solutions we solve.

3 Common Plus Size Dress Issues & How Kid’s Dream is Solving Them 

Issue #1 Needing more width, often comes with more length.

Often times the dress fits the chest area but is too long, so there’s often additional costs that have to be spent on tailoring the dress to achieve the best fit.

Our Solutions:

  1. We make our plus size girls dresses so that they get bigger in the chest and waist area but the length remains the same. This specifically avoids the issues of dresses needing to be tailored just because they are too long.
  2. We also cater to younger girls and we know they are still short in height, so our dress lengths are appropriate to little girls.

The Measurements:

Our Sequin Girl Party Dress (dress style 305) plus size is 16.5” inches length is 34.5” inches and size 20.5” is 35.5” this is a 1-inch difference. The difference in length for sizes 6 and 10 is 4 inches, just for comparison.

Issue #2 - Plus Size often means a change in style, one that is often “not cute”.

Our Solutions:

  1. We make sure that our plus size dresses are just as cute as other sizes. In fact, most of the exact same styles now come in plus sizes.
  2. We offer our plus size dresses in all styles and colors. We aim to not change the style of the dress just because it’s a bigger size.

Issue #3 - The dress is the same style as smaller sizes but the material is not comfortable.

Our Solution:

While we try to maintain the exact style, we also make sure to ensure a certain level of comfort for our plus size girls. If another material can do the job better for our plus size dresses, we will use this with the focus of the little girl in mind.


Our Plus Size Stretch Lace Girl Dress (style 420) was purposely made to look like our Lace Illusion Dress (style 414). The only differences are that the bodice of 420 has stretch lace and stretch lining so it will fit more comfortably, while style 414 lace has no stretch and might not be the best material for feeling comfortable and confident in.


Plus Size Stretch Lace Girl Dress



At Kid’s Dream, we love all our girls and hope to contribute to a seamless, superior shopping experience. We want the special occasion dress shopping adventure to be magical, pleasurable, and memorable for all princesses.


Plus Size Girl Dresses that Actually Fit



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