Sneak Peek of the Sophie Fatu Holiday Dress Collection with Kid’s Dream

Sneak Peek of the Sophie Fatu Holiday Dress Collection with Kid’s Dream

We sat down with Sophie Fatu and her Mom Victoria after a fun time at her fitting, to see what life is like while recording Sophie’s First Album “Love is…” and Preparing for her first Dress Collection


Sweet Sophie Fatu, the youngest (and cutest if you ask us) contestant to ever compete in “America’s Got Talent” is creating her very own dress collection with Kid’s Dream this holiday season. At only six years old, Sophie is one of the youngest Jazz singers and is experiencing many firsts as she heads into her 7th Birthday this November. The most recent of which are the recording of her first album and her first dress collection, both due to be released for the Holidays. Here’s a mini sneak peek of Sophie’s dress design and fitting session.

Sophie Fatu Dress Collection Sneak Peek






Sophie Fatu Dress Collection Sneak Peek

Sophie comes from an incredibly talented musical family and is supported by her Mother, Victoria Fatu, an award-winning pianist and singer, who was also a child performer. Sophie and Victoria visited our shop recently for a dress fitting and a little Q&A session.

Part 1 Kid’s Dream President Chewy Jang Talks with Sophie Fatu

Sophie Fatu Interview with Kid's Dream Chewy Jang

Chewy: I’m so happy to be creating an entire Sophie Fatu dress collection with you, what are you most excited about with having your own dress collection? 

Sophie Fatu: I’m so excited to have my own dresses made! Then I can wear what I always dream about!


Chewy: You always wear the cutest dresses. What are your favorite colors and dresses to wear while performing?

Sophie Fatu: I love all kinds of colors. But the skirt has to be very very big and puffy, like a princess! I like looking like a princess.


Chewy: What is your favorite dress to perform in right now?

Sophie Fatu: I have so many dresses! I wear different one for each concert. I can’t really choose.


Chewy: I know you love signing so much and that you’re recording an album right now, what has been your favorite part of recording your first album?

Sophie Fatu: I just love being in the studio, it’s so much fun! I love hearing my own voice in the headphones when I sing, It’s like magic!


Chewy: Does this make you the youngest recording artist in the Jazz genre?

Sophie Fatu: I don’t really know that, but I think so! I never seen such little jazz singers before!


Chewy: Where’s the most exciting place you’ve traveled to perform?

Sophie Fatu: I loved loved loved singing in New York! I sang “My way” with the big orchestra and it was amazing. And I love performing in Hollywood!


Chewy: When will your album be released? 

Sophie Fatu: The song “Ain’t that a kick in the head” will be released on my birthday (November 14) and then the rest of the album -very soon after, so people can get the album for Christmas presents.


Chewy: Do you have special plans for the release party? What will you wear?

Sophie Fatu: Oh, oh!! I wanna wear my own dress! that’s why I’m so excited to make my dresses, so I can wear them for my concerts!


Chewy: What is your favorite song to sing right now? 

Sophie Fatu: Feeling Good by Michael Buble.


Chewy: Which musician would you like to collaborate with the most?

Sophie Fatu: My dream is to sing with Michael Buble. He is my favorite. I would faint if I saw him. Or maybe cry. Or both.


Chewy: If you could meet any jazz legend, who would it be?

Sophie Fatu: Frank Sinatra of course!

Sophie Fatu at Frank Sinatra's star




Part 2 Kid’s Dream President Chewy Jang Talks with Victoria Fatu

The apple didn’t fall far from the incredibly talented tree. We love this glee-esque viral video of Victoria Fatu teaching her students about deceptive cadence - and then…


Chewy: We’re so happy to be working with you and Sophie on her new dress collection. Thank you for sitting down with me for a little interview. I know people are curious to learn more about you and Sophie, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk with you and share the Fatu Family a little more. On that note, what are you excited about bringing to Kid’s Dream and Sophie fans with this new dress collection we’re creating together?

Victoria Fatu: Oh absolutely! We’ve been thinking about creating Sophie’s clothing line way before she even became a singer. I remember she was 4 and was modeling a lot. And we had that idea to one day create her own line. Drew the sketches and everything. And two years later we absolutely fell in love with Kid’s dream after Sophie wore your dress for her music video for “The Lady is a Tramp”. So we are thrilled about this collaboration!


Chewy: As a professor of music, what is your favorite music philosophy or concept to teach young musicians?

Victoria Fatu: I don’t teach anymore, as right now I’m concentrating on mine and Sophie’s performing career, but my philosophy on teaching was always this: whatever it is you’re trying to deliver- make it RELATABLE. In every way. An educator can’t simply a messenger, he/she is also an interpreter, entertainer, advisor and so many more things. Once you have engagement and attention - you get the results. But you can't demand attention , it never works. You need to be able to draw, attract it in fun, unique way to you.


Chewy: What advice would you give to parents with talented children who want to share their child’s talent with the world but also protect them? How do you balance this?

Victoria Fatu: That’s a hard one. As not everyone could relate. I was a child performer. I grew up that way, so I know naturally of all the insides and outsides of this life. I can tell you just this: your child’s career is not yours. Trust the process. Do yourself a favor and never force your child to do anything your child is not passionate about. I didn’t want any of my kids to be musicians. Never. But guess what - with Sophie, I didn’t have a choice. I never trained her, coached or anything. It just happened, and the industry just happened to grasp on her and embrace her. And I’m so grateful for these blessings and opportunities. Important, so important is this: entertainment business for kids is not easy, and not always safe. Not at all. So never think with your heart, or even your head. Think with whatever it is you’re thinking that would only prioritize one thing: your child’s safety, health and happiness.


Chewy: You and Sophie are always wearing adorable dresses, what do you look for the most in a perfect dress? 

Victoria Fatu: I don’t really, haha! I see, I like, I get! We love improvising with outfits, like to pretend that we are from different era, this is why you would not see us wearing athletic clothes, or even pants and t-shirts. We wear dresses. Because why not? Not every girl has to be a princess, true. But those who FEEL that way, sure deserve to be!


Chewy: Who dresses Sophie? 

Victoria Fatu: I always dress her. ALWAYS. Even when she’s on TV shows. I love creating and sculpting that unique “Sophie Fatu style” that is so recognizable. We collaborate with many wonderful brands and designers who provide their incredible gowns for Sophie’s shows.


Chewy: What’s the most rewarding thing about having such a talented family? 

Victoria Fatu: I guess all the fun! It’s a lot of drama, I won’t lie. Dramatic nature, overreactions and so on… that's kind of part of the “performer’s basic package”. But it’s never boring. Meeting amazing people, traveling the world. Discovering the world not through books or movies, but with your own eyes.


Chewy: Are there any plans for a full family collaborative album?

Victoria Fatu: Not yet. Fans constantly asking for a mother- daughter album for months now… Maybe one day!


Chewy: Being a busy mom, musician, and professor, do you do a lot of clothes shopping online for your children? Where are some of your favorite places to shop online?

Victoria Fatu: I’ll be completely honest with you: I haven’t shopped online for years now. Everything we have -comes from many many brands that we collaborate with on social media. We are extremely fortunate of course. I do realize that!


Chewy: Thank you so much for talking with me today, I just have one last question. What are some of the things you wish people knew about your family that they might not know? 

Victoria Fatu: We are a bunch of weirdos :) We are always on the move, always dealing with some sort of “soap-opera” like situation. All five of us are nothing alike, and we mostly drive each other crazy. But at the end of the day we will all be sitting and watching nerdy movies together while eating traditional Armenian pastries that I baked. It all works out somehow :)


What a fantastic fun time we had with Sophie and Victoria, and this was just the sneak peek! Stay tuned for the release of Sophie’s full collection for this holiday season. We’re hanging on the edge to see the final outcome of these dresses.


Sophie Fatu Dress Collection with Kid's Dream

 Sophie Fatu at Kid's Dream

Stay tuned for the Sophie Fatu Collection on IG. And you can follow the Fatu Family on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter






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Love Sophie. She is a beautiful little girl. Many adjectives to describe her. Charming, happy, kind, successful, lovely voice, sincere and I hope she has a wonderful career ahead of her. Viviene an Mark are adorable and very loving too. Vicky and her husband are very fortunate. Amen

Shaun Comeau

Sophie is absolutely meant to be a singer and an actress. I am so proud of her and her empathy for others. She is the most adorable child on TV or on stage. Her facial expressions are amazing! I love you so much Miss Sophie!!

Roxanne Cavin

This is amazing! I can’t wait for the great things to come for Sophie Fatu 🤗 🤗 I love her!

Elinor Horton

This is amazing! I can’t wait for the great things to come for Sophie Fatu 🤗 🤗 I love her!

Elinor Horton

There are so many cute dresses for young beautiful girls, they are also beautiful!
However, I have been seen and following Sophie – the way I see her , I can’t think of any one as perfect model as Sophie – she has THE COMPLETE PACKAGE as a grown young girl in this World!

Chabela Barrie

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