The Best Mother-Daughter Activities to do for Mother’s Day - What to do, What to wear

The Best Mother-Daughter Activities to do for Mother’s Day - What to do, What to wear

Tea Party for Mom

Planning a Mother’s Day Tea Party can be beautiful, elegant, and intimate. Mother-Daughter time is important and tea time is the perfect setting for deep talks, recaps, and planning for the future. The party can be as simple as tea in the backyard or, with some extra planning, can include an IG worthy setting with plants, flowers, cupcakes, and gorgeous  tea party sets. Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up and make the occasion a special one to remember always.

Choose tea time clothing that is both delicate and lightweight like our pink pearl mesh dress. A very Alice in Wonderland feeling can be achieved with creativity, playfulness, and fashion. Shop now >

Tea Party with mom | Kid's Dream
Pearl Mesh Dress | Team Party with Mom | Kid's Dream

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Salon Day & Manicure

The go-to self-care time for Mother’s Day. Plan a mother-daughter salon and manicure trip. Whether you get matching or complementary sets of nails or hair cuts that go well together, salon time for Mother’s Day is always an activity that can be dressed up or down depending on what you do afterward. Pick a new special salon destination and make a day trip out of it. Use this time to tell secrets, give advice, and lather on the encouragement.

Salon day is a casual event and can be spent in a spring/summer ensemble. Lace it up in our beautiful, sleeveless shift dress. Shop now >

Spa day with mom | Kid's Dream


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Museum Day with Mama

It’s always a great time for learning; this includes Mother’s Day. Spend the day together exploring a new museum. Visit a museum you feel passionate about whether it be science, social justice, art, or cultural. Be sure to dress for the long day of learning, seeing, and doing. A loose cotton spring/summer dress is perfect for the museum and is nice enough to take gorgeous, memorable photos for lifetime Mother’s Day memories. Shop now >

museum day with mom | kid's dream

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If decorating, collecting, or reselling is your thing, consider a Mother-Daughter antiquing day. Get some cash out, get your best dress on, and get ready to wheel and deal for that perfect bird cage, jewelry set, or bed frame. Get your IG feed ready for your best finds with your best girl(s). Be camera ready with our nostalgic two-tone stripe dress that matches the theme of the day. Shop now >

Antiquing with Mom | Kid's Dream

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The Boho Mother’s Day Picnic

Picnics are a time for relaxing, reading, and chatting. Why not spend Mother’s Day on a day trip with a beautifully planned fruit-filled picnic. Bring your favorite book, your favorite beverage, and some seasonal fruits and flowers. Then take some IG worthy photos once you’ve set up the Mother’s Day spread. This adventure calls for a bohemian look with loose cotton fabrics and floral prints. Try out our cotton tassel dress for this special day in the shade. Shop now >

Picnic with mom | Kid's Dream

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Mother’s Day Brunch in Style

It’s brunch time! Depending on the mom, Mother’s Day Brunch is either a celebrated occasion or one to avoid. For those mamas who love a great Mom’s Day brunch, spend it with your lovely girls and make an extra special occasion of it by dressing up in the prettiest dress ever. Our 3D ruffle glitter skirt is the best brunch dress fit for a midday party for mom. Shop now >

brunch with mom | kid's Dream

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Oh so sweet strawberry picking

Roll up your sleeves and get in the farm. For the Mom-Daughter teams who love plants, growing food, and being outdoors - strawberry picking season is here just in time. Make a day out of strawberry picking by choosing a strawberry farm and a special recipe to bake together. The best dress for a strawberry picking day is light cotton and floral with touches of pink to match the beautiful strawberries you’ll be picking, like our springtime ruffle floral dress. Shop now >

strawberry picking with mom | Kid's Dream

spring dress for strawberry picking with mom | kid's dreamShop now >

Mother’s Night Out Theater Adventure

Class it up with a Mother’s Day trip to the theater. Pick a show you’ve always wanted to see on stage and make an extra special Mother-Daughter afternoon/evening of it. Get dressed up, plan a special dinner and head to the show, ready to sit back and enjoy a cultural treat. Our new dress with a detachable tulle skirt is the perfect dress for dressing up and making eventful memories. Shop now >

what to wear to wicked the musical for girls | kid's dream

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