The New Mart Says Kid's Dream is "The American Dream!"

The New Mart Says Kid's Dream is "The American Dream!"

With incredible showrooms carrying 1000 collections - the New Mart is known to be the most sought after venue for fashion buyers from around the world. We were overjoyed to get such an incredible compliment from the New Mart when they featured Kid's Dream retail site launch on their blog, and referred to our brand as the American dream as they shared our story and mission with their audience:

"what makes Kid’s Dream special? Its history through immigration and pursuit of the American Dream. 22 years ago, the Jang family immigrated to America where the parents became sewing contractors, working for the then-owner of Kid’s Dream. In 2012, the family purchased the brand and continued to manufacture dresses in America, to a global market. Their daughter, Chewy Jang, became President and achieved brand growth to make it what it is today. Ms. Jang states, 'Through Kid's Dream we have achieved the American dream, so our mission is to continue making beautiful dresses here in Los Angeles, support our workers in America, and give back to our local community as best we can.'”

Read the full story from New Mart released here!




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