The Ultimate Unicorn & GIRL POWER Back to School List!

The Ultimate Unicorn & GIRL POWER Back to School List!

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It’s back to school for our favorite girls! And what better way to get ready than with unicorn inspired outfits and school supplies, kid apps for success, and of course, girl power inspiration to cover all grounds this school year? Nothing can make our little girls feel more empowered than having her own style, that’s why Chewy created the unicorn-inspired tutu line just in time for back to school. If your little girl is ready to take on this school year like an absolute #girlboss, here are the tools, apps, tutus, and quotes for heading back to school the right way. 

Back to school lists are super helpful, but girl power back to school lists are even better. Girls want it all and if there’s anything the Women’s National Team (WNT) has showed us this year, it’s that inspiration and hard work start early. So we created 4 inspiring and helpful lists to make going back to school inspirational and empowering for girls. 

How do you pick the perfect back to school dress?

Back to school is an exciting time for girls who love to learn and be with their friends. But answering the question of what to wear can sometimes be overwhelming. Should I wear a dress? Should I match my friends? Are just some of the thoughts that come to mind for little girls. Letting girls pick out their own outfits for back to school is an empowering practice that parents can implement early on. Nothing screams dress to impress for a little girl this season than unicorns and tutus. Whimsical outfits in our first list feel fun, inspired, and give girls a boost of confidence going into their new school year. "A child being able to dress herself is such an important psychological and emotional milestone," says Karen Ruskin, Psy.D., LMFT, a family therapist in Sharon, Massachusetts. This is the back to school outfits list for little girls who love magical beginnings. 

The Unicorn-Inspired Back to School Outfit List

The Ultimate Unicorn Tutu Dress for girls who just wanna have fun when headed back to school.
Rainbow Unicorn Girl Dress
Excuse me, can I get some more rainbows with my unicorns, please? This dress sets the perfect tone for back to school. 
Ruffle Floral Dress
Not quite ready for a wild and whimsical back to school outfit? We’ve got you covered in our darling floral dress that has back to school written all over it. From the ruffle sleeves to the perfectly coordinated floral colors, this soft flowy dress gets the first day of school stamp of approval. 
best back to school dresses
Ballerina Shoes
So it’s time for back to school and you need a go-to pair of shoes that can be styled with any dress. Our Ballerina Shoes are the perfect back to school add-on for almost any dress or outfit and come in a variety of colors like black, gold, pink, silver, ivory, and white. 
ballerina shoes
Llama-corn Shirt
Girls are in love with everything “corn” from unicorn to llama-corn to back-to-school-a-corn. Okay maybe that was a bit too much corn. But what is better than our two favorite animals in one, a llama + a unicorn? Take me back to school in this ruffled sleeve Llama-corn t-shirt that can be paired with nearly any bottom or tutu.
llama corn tshirt

Back to School Unicorn Supplies List

What’s the Best Unicorn Backpack? This unicorn flip sequin backpack, of course! Don’t settle for a basic bag this year. Let your princess head back to school in fashion and in fun with this flip sequin backpack. It flips from pink to white and can flip to match an outfit and keep that unicorn flare all year long.
flip sequin unicorn backpack
Unicorn Lunch Bag by Pottery Barn Kids
Adorable and functional, get your little one ready for lunch and back to school with this sleepy unicorn lunch bag from Emily & Merrit.
unicorn lunch bag emily and meritt
Reusable Water Bottle
Saving the planet while heading back to school is, well, magical. Especially when that water bottle is a unicorn water bottle. Keep your little one hydrated and focused while ditching the plastic this year by packing your kid’s favorite reusable water bottle for the new school year. 
Unicorn Stationery Set
Get all the adorable unicorn school supply goodness in one little pack that comes with pens, pencils, erasers, and an adorable pencil holder
unicorn pencil kit
Keep the kids as healthy as a unicorn with an immune-boosting natural gummy like Sambucol
You never think you’re going to get sick until, BOOM, you start to sneeze. Help the kids avoid downtime and missed school days by giving them a homeopathic immune booster that helps prevent colds and flu. 
sambucol for kids

Secret to Success Apps for a Girl Power Back to School

What are the Best Back to School Apps for Kids?
Yeah sure, going back to school is great. Your kids will learn new things from new teachers and meet new friends. But when it comes to optimizing your kid’s success in life, that practice extends well beyond the classroom doors and even beyond homework. To get your kids ready for excelling beyond the classroom, try out these apps to assist with teaching your kids time management, meditation & stress management, financial literacy, and even how to ask for help when they need it, from a tutor. 



Time Management for Kids with the Bear Focus Timer App 
One of the great skills to learn in life is how to manage projects and time. While we often take this role on for our children, what if we were to teach them the art of time management for themselves? Using a kid friendly app like Bear Focus Timer, we can take famous Pomodoro techniques for time tracking and give our kids the tools to track their time when doing homework, cleaning their room, or even working on an extra curricular project. Time management skills are leadership skills and they help set our kids up for success when it comes to the many roles they will take on from college to business and life in general. 
Meditation & Stress Management for Kids with the Dreamy Kid App
Kids are often inundated by the demands that a new school year brings. Teaching kids the tools of mindfulness and being present is a skill that will pay off for the rest of their life. Introduce your little one(s) to meditation with a kid-friendly app to get them used to practicing self-care even when demands are high and schedules are busy. Apps like Dreamy Kid, are useful because they speak to children at their level and bring them confidence through calmness and reflection. 
Financial Literacy for Kids with the Star Banks Adventure app
I’m sorry did you not hear the news? You can never be too healthy or too wealthy! So perhaps our parents weren’t the savviest with finances, that doesn’t mean our kids have to endure the same fate. But how do we teach our kids complex topics like return on investment and inflation? Perhaps since we might already let our kids indulge in some video game time, we can assign them a video game like the Star Banks Adventure app, that helps them learn financial concepts like
  • Financial planning
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Asset allocation
  • Inflation
When we take our children’s financial education into our own hands, we guarantee that they will have the skillset to take on the world when they come of age. No one is living at home passed 18 with these skills!

financially literacy game and app for kids
On-Demand Tutoring with the Khan Academy App for Kids
Nothing says girl power like knowing when to ask for help and call in the troops. Teach your kids how to get help when they need it from experts by connecting with tutors who specialize in the topics that your kids need help with the most. Whether they could use a few more math tools or help getting those grammar rules in order, tutoring apps like Khan Academy make it easy to get the help students need so they can excel and take on new challenges. 
khan academy
Inspirational Back to School Quotes for Girls
A wise person once said “Let your own magic be everything you need.” With all of the clothes, supplies, apps, and tools your kids need to go back to school, it’s so very important that we remember to keep kids inspired, fueled with their own magic, and dreaming of a better world. We’ve put together some of our favorite Girl Power Quotes to keep the momentum going for our little ones this back to school season. Pin, save, and share these quotes to spread the love, and spread the inspo! 



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