Top 10 Mommy Bloggers for Children’s Apparel

Top 10 Mommy Bloggers for Children’s Apparel

Top 10 Mommy Bloggers for Children’s Apparel

Our Moms influence our lives in countless ways. They shape our worldview, our sociability, our personality, and our FASHION sense! These mamas are doing overtime in the kids’ fashion influencer arena, and we love them for it. Here’s a list of the top 10 mom bloggers who are rocking our world with their fun-loving kids’ fashion sense.


scout the city


Scout the City

Mom goals live on Scout the City’s digital family journey of travel, fashion, and all things lifestyle by Sai De Silva. We adore this family and their picture-perfect fashion blog. The cute boos that live on this feed are enough for us to subscribe to. Silva inspires readers to be confident, gorgeous, and stylish mamas with fashionable, fun kids.


Stroller in the City


Stroller in the City

“Being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff,” boasts the Stroller in the City blog created by Brianne Manz. We love Brianne’s take on fashion with her three children, whom she inspires to take risks to develop their own style and creativity. Brianne has been featured on the Today Show, E! News, and People Magazine. We love following the Manz Family fast-paced, city life and fashion adventures.


Minou Kids


Minou Kids

Started by childhood friends now mothers, Julie and Marie-Michelle, Minouverse kids fashion is a one-stop shop for mom-kudos, fashion, skin-care, and eco-advice. We love the story of how these two childhood friends from Montreal became inspired by motherhood to develop a springboard for kids clothing startups.

“Minou Kids is fueled by the individual stories and mission of the designers and small companies that are featured on the site. We love each anecdote of their inspirations, their families and their dedication to high quality.”



Mini Style

A lifestyle blog for our minis. Mini Style magazine was started by mamas Jamie Menna and Megan Sanderson. In beautiful taupe hues, the Mini Style blog shares fanciful fairytale-like images that inspire playfulness. Featuring topics that focus on kids fashion but also span to travel, decor, recipes, crafts, parties, maternity, tips, and mama health & beauty. We love the bohemian minimalist feel of the Mini Style blog.



Chasin’ Ivy

Born from the love of their first baby born to the family, Ivy, the Chasin’ Ivy blog was created by an auntie Ali and Jamie, Ivy’s mom. The two sister-in-laws fell in love with baby Ivy and were inspired by the fun they had dressing her up. They develop the Chasin’ blog as a creative outlet to highlight the star of their family, Ivy, who is now almost 7 years old. We love the heart from this very sweet mini-blog and growing family that now includes Ali’s baby Gia. (Congrats!)


little scandanavia


Little Scandinavian

Since 2009, the Little Scandinavian blog has been bringing us nordic kids’ fashion from Mother of two and blogger, Bianca Wessel. We love that Bianca spreads out mom and kids fashion equally while also featuring decor, cooking, and Nordic lifestyle. Though Bianca resides in the UK, we all get to travel to the world of Scandinavia alongside her blog.


Wild n whimsy

Wild & Whimsy

Super cool mama blogger, Ryam Teran leads her four babes on a fashionable life adventure, and we all get to join in. We love the adventurous spirit and stylish fun Ryam brings to every post. The best part, if you’re a mama, a matching Wild & Whimsy blog was created to compliment the kids’ version.


Paul & Paula

Run by a team of mama bloggers with tailored skill sets, the Paul & Paula blog is a kid fashion and lifestyle blog connecting us with the styles they love. An artistic approach to children’s fashion, this blog is more than playful, it’s sometimes daring and pushes the envelope with artistically adventours images. We love the imagination this team of mamas spark in us!



Fannice Kids Fashion

Inspired by the time invested in online & offline shopping for her first two born babes, this mama blogger’s addiction to kids fashion turned into a curation of her favorite finds, dubbed Fannice Fashion. We love that you can learn Italian on this blog! Each snippet is translated for English and Italian readers. Follow Alice, Anna, and Aurora through their photos and blog, where all things fashion, vintage, and stuffed animal are adored.



Created by Linda McLean, a professional in children’s fashion, Smudgetikka highlights the most significant current trends in kids fashion. Giving us the insight for the trends of now and predictions for the future, we love that Linda shares her insight and industry knowledge. 

Tell us who your favorite mom bloggers are! If you’re a mom blogger, join our affiliate program and earn when you feature Kid’s Dream special occasion clothing for kids!

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