Wear this Frozen Inspired Elsa Dress, Listen to this Frozen Soundtrack, and Do These 5 Frozen Science Experiments this Winter

Wear this Frozen Inspired Elsa Dress, Listen to this Frozen Soundtrack, and Do These 5 Frozen Science Experiments this Winter

Most Elsa-loving kids have watched the long-awaited Frozen 2. Now, it’s time to get involved in the movie’s message with some ice experiments. Elsa demonstrated her mighty frozen powers as she fought a warming climate, leaving many kids to wonder just who the bad guy actually was. The Frozen 2 message of empowerment and being science-informed were the biggest takeaways for little girls, which is why we’ve put together a fun must-do activities sheet with a playlist, and Elsa inspired dress for your Frozen loving girls this winter.


Frozen Inspired Girls Dress


Frozen inspired Elsa dress


Let's start with the right outfit for our Frozen girl power as we plan out some experiments and projects. This is the "Frozen" inspired dress with mesh cape and long sleeves. The bodice is decorated with sequin and accented with braided silver sequin trim. The glittery snowflake design on the skirt makes this the perfect "Frozen" princess dress. Shop the dress >


Frozen Deluxe Soundtrack

What’s a perfect twirling dress without a soundtrack to twirl to? Play this 59 track Deluxe Frozen Soundtrack to get the wintery mood just right as your princess twirls and performs some icy science experiments. Just hit the play button!

5 Frozen Inspired Science Experiments 


Now it’s time for your princess to roll up their mesh cape sleeves and dive into some icy experiments to learn more about FROZEN 2 and the message behind the movie. These five science-based projects will answer some questions most kids probably have about ice, snow, and the animals that live in the north and south poles. Let’s get started!


  1. How do animals stay warm in the snow?

Have you ever wondered how polar bears, penguins, seals, and birds stay warm in freezing zones of the earth like the arctic and antarctic regions? Follow the steps in this experiment with your kids to discover the various ways animals have evolved to stay warm in freezing cold climates.

how do animals stay warm in the snow 


  1. How do polar bears survive with melting ice?

This experiment helps kids understand how polar bear habitat melts away and what that means for life as a polar bear. Follow the steps to step into the paws of the polar bear and imagine life with a shrinking habitat.

 polar bear melting ice caps

  1. How do you make a snowstorm in a jar?

This project is part science experiment, to see how various materials like oil and water resist mixture, and part beautiful snow globe and the sparkles leftover make for a holiday decoration made by the kids. Follow the steps in the video and the link below to help your little ones create their very own snowstorm in a jar for winter.

snowstorm in a jar

  1. What’s the best temperature to make hot chocolate?

It’s time to warm up with some hot cocoa! But what’s the best temperature to mix the cocoa powder? Turn this holiday drink staple into a STEM research project with the kids by following the steps below and answering the question, what’s the best temp to mix hot chocolate powder at, and why? With this experiment, kids will walk away with a warm toasty drink and some scientific knowledge about how powders and liquids mix and at what temperatures.

hot chocolate science experiment

  1. How can I make realistic snowflakes for a painting?

For a more artistic science experiment, it’s time to bring out the Epsom salt and creativity as you walk your kids through the process of making realistic snowflakes on a painting. If your kids love Frozen 2, help them recreate their favorite scene where Elsa uses her power to freeze ice. The simple instructions for making these realistic snowflakes can be found in the instructions here. Feeling proud of your kid's Frozen art piece? Share your art projects with us! Snap a video or photo and tag @kidsdreamus with the hashtag #kidsdream.

how to make Frozen snowflakes on a painting


Do polar bears and penguins live together? 

NO! Polar bears live in the north pole and penguins live in the south pole. Outside of a zoo setting, the two species have never met. 










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