MELANGE 2019: Kid's Dream Featured Designer at NY Fashion Week

MELANGE 2019: Kid's Dream Featured Designer at NY Fashion Week


Founded in 2011, Melange will be hosting its inaugural fashion show for New York Fashion Week at the historic. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem on Friday, September 6, 2019, at 8:00 PM. Guests are traveling from China, Australia, Los Angeles, and more, including Madeline Stuart, the recipient of the Melange 2015 Model of the Year Award. Madeline will be walking in the show for many notable designers, including YEROC by CoreyWoods; Corey’s designs have been featured on Beyonce, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and more. Madeline has 850,000+ social media followers, and she has been featured in prominent, international publications including Vogue, Teen Vogue, Forbes, and Marie Claire.

Double Oscar-winning dramatic and documentary film writer-producer-director, Bill Guttentag, is also traveling to New York City to attend this event and support diversity in the arts, as well as Katiti Kironde, the first woman of color on a major legacy fashion magazine in the world (Glamour, 1968). This year’s show is a charity fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting the Kironde Education and Health Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable economic and social environment where orphaned and vulnerable children can grow and develop into healthy,productive citizens. Additional celebrity guests include fashion technologist, Anina Net, CEO of 360FashionNetwork, who will close with the hottest tech segment on the runway with three designers using the 360FashTech Kits to create ROBOTIC DRESSES. There will also be a special guest appearance by Sophia the Robot from Hanson Robotics. The Melange 2019 runway will also feature a special LED light art installation created by designer Harry Umen of Southern New Hampshire University.

Melange 2019, is titled “This is Normal,” and is presented by co-creative directors, Miguel Ceron and KIRU.Acknowledging the myriad of troubles we face in today’s society, the show’s theme is set to explore how the social turbulence surrounding how immigration, gun violence, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ+equality can be redeemed with the power of love. This progressive movement will take place at St. Mary’s Harlem, the oldest continuous site of worship in all its surrounding area for almost 200 years, serving the West HarlemCommunity since 1823. Dremon Kovah Cooper, known for his leadership in the queer community for hisanti-bullying character, “Super B*tch,” is also traveling to perform and receive the Rising Star Award at Melange2019. Dremon has been featured in BET and the Huffington Post. The show’s Headlining Sponsor is BW Sandals. The CEO of BW Sandals, Jade Luong, is a serial entrepreneur committed to diversity and the arts. Jade will be traveling from California to attend Melange 2019. BW Sandals has been a supplier of quality footwear in Russia, Europe, and Asia for more than 10 years.

The Melange community has a rich history of supporting emerging artists, such as Mexican American, Yazmin Guerrero, who was featured in Teen Vogue this past year. The Melange models include all sizes, ethnicities, and orientations; the 2019 cast ranges from 4 to 50 years old. 6 year-old community activist, King Fights Cancer will be modeling in the kid’s segment of the show. King and other models will be debuting the world premiere of Corey Wood’s children’s eyewear collection. Additional special guests for Melange 2019, include Elliot Carlyle (published author and speaker -- executive director for the office of Fern Mallis).

In the past, Melange has worked with Sephora, Nicole Miller, and other top brands and has produced shows in Riode Janeiro, Boston, San Francisco, and more. The overall uniting force of the Melange community of designers, models, activists, and guests is the belief in the urgent need of promoting more self-love and diversity in the fashion and arts world as a catalyst for peace, harmony, and social impact.

Melange NY Fashion Week



BW Sandals 


Kironde Education and Health Fund

  • 360Fashion Network x Anina NetAccessories
  • 360Fashion Network x Azrael Yang
  • 360Fashion Network x Clare Tattersall
  • 360Fashion Network x Michal Starost
    BW Sandals
  • Culture Trees, Judith Gaffney
  • Gatito Sucio, Lorenzo Pena
  • Isla Jewels, Brooklyn Fierro
  • Kid’s Dream, Chewy Jang
  • KROMAGNON by Kristen Luong
  • Larry Underwood
  • Marise Oliveira
  • Quantum Style Lab (Dee Eo)
  • Ryan Berkeley
  • Sanguine Style
  • VéNice’s Full Figured Boutique
  • YEROC by Corey Woods
Board of Advisors
  • Corey Woods, Celebrity Eyewear Designer
  • Madeline Stuart & Rosanne Stuart, FashionVisionaries and Pioneers
  • Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist forPeace
  • Katiti Kironde, First Black Woman on the Cover of a Legacy Fashion Magazine(Glamour, 1968)
Partners & Sponsors
  • 360Fashion Network
  • CAC Dance Company
  • Empanada Mama
  • Lenox Saphire Harlem
  • Ponty Bistro
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Harlem
  • Whole Foods
Executive Producers
  • Nick Navarro, Development Lead
  • Miguel Ceron, Creative Director (Arts)
  • KIRU, Creative Director (Fashion)
  • Andrew Ailoje, Hospitality Lead
  • Cristina Ribeiro, Executive Producer &President of Melange Brazil
  • Gina Lynn Pearson, Partnerships Lead
  • Mara De Los Santos, Media Lead
  • Yazmin Guerrero, Model Coach Lead
  • Harry Umen, Lighting and Set Design Lead
Additional Leadership
  • Anina Net, Fashion Technology Partner
  • Sierra King, Associate Producer
  • Cassandra Borgella, Associate Producer
  • Brady Cudmore, Associate Producer
  • Chantal Montilla, Director of Dance
  • Daniella Perez, Director of Hair
  • Michael Shelton, Director of Makeup


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