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Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Kids

Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Kids

Adults' bodies come in all shapes and sizes; the same is true for children. If you have a plus-sized child, finding the clothes that fit them can be a challenge, mainly because the ¹fashion and retail industry makes so many clothes for narrow bodies. It can be frustrating for those who don't fit into this mold.

Clothes manufacturers don't classify children's clothes as small, medium, large, but often size them from 0 to 16. This type of sizing assumes children grow at the same rate – something everybody knows is not true. Choosing clothes that fit your plus size child just right regardless of their size is essential in developing their self-esteem and confidence. If you love shopping together, here are some tips to ensure you both have a great time and find the right clothes for them.

Shop at stores that carry plus sizes for children 

Whether you're shopping in person or online, go to stores that carry extended children's sizes to ensure they have the size that'll fit your child. Some of the stores that carry these sizes are:

  • Sugar and Jade. A girl's fashion site (sizes 8-22) for every girl, every day!
  • Lands’ End. Offers active and casual wear for boys and girls of all ages and sizes.
  • Target. Target's Cat & Jack line offers extended sizes, and their active wear All in Motion offers plus sizes.
  • Old Navy. Old Navy has extended sizes from slim to XXL.
  • Kids Dream. If you're looking for plus-size celebration dresses, Kids Dream offers a good selection of plus-size formal children's wear.
  • GAP. Gap Online offers plus sizes for 7 through 18, plus shorts and pants, and M plus to XXL plus in tops.
  • The Children's Place. The Children's Place offers extended sizes from 4P to 16P.

Be your child's personal shopper and scout ahead

Be their personal shopping assistant and scout the stores ahead of time for fabulous finds. While looking at the latest designs, look at the sizes to see if they offer your child's size. They are at an impressionable age, and they might be frustrated if the clothes they like are unavailable in their size. When shopping day arrives, you both can pretend you're the personal shopper, and they’re your famous client. You can show them all the things you found and make them feel like the star they are. You can even take photos while you're at it to show them how great they look! Scouting ahead can make your shopping experience a happy and memorable one. 

Don't look at sizes when shopping in stores

Trying on clothes is an integral experience of any shopping experience, but looking at sizes shouldn’t be the biggest part of it. When your child likes something and wants to try it, bring several sizes they can try. You can take a size too small, just right, and something too big for them. 

This variety in sizes will allow them to experience trying on different fits. Try to avoid mentioning or commenting on the size if you can. Give words of encouragement when they try on a size that looks great on them. 

Try other clothing sections other than children

Who says you should limit their choices only to the children's section? Whether you're shopping online or in a store, take the time to peruse the other sections. You can browse the teens, women’s or men's sections to see if there's anything they like. 

If you're looking for skirts, shorts, and jeans, it pays to look at what the teen's and adult's sections offer because they often have the same cut as the children's but with bigger sizes. In all of these, if you can, avoid any mention of sizes so they don't get self-conscious. After all, it's the clothes' job to fit them, not the other way around. Focus on the cut, design, and fit when looking at your choices.

Consult brand size charts when shopping online

Unlike in retail stores where it may be better not to talk about sizes, shopping online is another story altogether. If you're shopping online, you need to look at the sizing charts. It may help to have your child's measurements ready. You can easily take their measurements using a measuring tape and ideally take measurements of their chest, waist, and hip area. Consult each brand's sizing charts because they're not the same. Some brands may carry a different fit to the same size, so be mindful of this when shopping online. 

As soon as you've determined which size your child fits for a specific brand, shop online with them. Let them choose the clothes they want to wear, and you can add them to the cart later. Online shopping can be another fantastic way to bond with your children. 

Build their confidence through clothes that look and feel good

Their clothes should look good and, most importantly, feel amazing because it's the right size and fit.  

If you're looking for plus-size celebration dresses, Kids Dream has an excellent selection for your daughter to choose from. Each dress has been specially sewn and crafted by people who understand plus sizes, so she can look and feel her best on any special occasion. Explore our plus-size collection today.

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